Sarah Bird works as a guest lecturer in animal behaviour studies in universities throughout Europe.For details of availability, please feel free to contact us.

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EMS placements are now available for vet students yr 1 - 4, and also gap year students looking for work experience 2014.

Many students choose to come here on their EMS to get hands on daily involvement with a mixed animal unit. You will be working on a daily basis with goats, sheep, geese, chickens, llamas, alpacas, and camels.

We take pride in our commitment to work experience students, offering a comprehensive placement programme encompassing animal enrichment and behaviour courses available commercially to qualified vets and incorporated within our placement programme free of charge to students up to 4th year whist on our EMS programme

We still have limited places available for our EMS programme - and follow the guidelines for our work experience placements as outlines in the RCVS Extra - Mural Studies document which stipulates that through EMS students should be able to

• develop their animal handling skills across a range of common domestic species

• develop their understanding of the practice and economics of animal management

systems and animal industries

• appreciate the importance of herd health and the epidemiological approach to

production animal work

• develop their understanding of practice economics and practice management

• develop their understanding and gain further experience of medical and surgical

treatments in a variety of species

• develop communication skills for all aspects of veterinary work

• expand their experience to those disciplines and species not fully covered within the


• appreciate the importance of animal welfare in animal production and in the

practice of veterinary medicine

• gain experience to help them appreciate the ethical and legal responsibilities of the

veterinary surgeon in relation to individual clients, animals, the community and


• gain experience of a variety of veterinary working environments.

Further more, our programme includes additional benefits, of an intensive animal enrichment, and training programme. Our animal behaviour programme is available to all qualified vets, but is also covered extensively free of charge to all vet students and students wishing to study in the field of veterinary practise who are currently on gap year. For a brochure of our programme and for further details or to book Sarah as a guest lecturer, please feel free to call 0033.562.333.624 or email directly via the contact us link.


All new courses are now handled through AnimalTransactions, our new animal behaviour site. For more information please visit

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